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Hulpieu Swain Funeral Home Records, Kansas

Hulpieu Swain Funeral Home Records, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas

Hulpieu Swain Funeral Home Records, Kansas 1904-1913

Hulpieu-Swaim Funeral Home Records, 1904-1913            
Surname First Name Comments Date of Death Age Where they died Where they're buried ** dc = Dodge City, Ks.
Adams J. Q.   May. 4 1906 78yr. Dodge City, Ks. DC
Adkins Elsie   Jan. 7 1907 7y Ft. Dodge, Ks. DC (E Gar. Sect)
Armstrong George   Apr. 2 1906 88y Ft. Dodge, Ks.  
Armour Sarah   Feb. 2 1908 57y Ft. Dodge, Ks. Ft. Dodge
Ashba Arthur C. (RR Accident) Feb. 26 1907 20y Arkansas City, Ks.  
Ashkettle Thomas   Dec. 17 1907 65y Ft. Dodge, Ks. Ft. Dodge
A[?]lters Mrs.   Feb. 2 1907 75y Dodge City, Ks.  
Bates Infant of A. J.   Mar. 6 1904 10 days DC DC (E Gar. Sect)
Bader Will   probably late Oct.-early Nov. 1906      
Bailey E. O.   Mar.16 1906 71 yrs (cem. Bk says 75y 7m 26d)   DC (E Gar)
Bailey J. D. (James Denton)   Jul. 21 1906 44y Ford Co. Concord Cemetery
Baird J. C. (heart trouble) Jan. 8 1905 72y DC DC (E Gar.)
Baldwin S. G. (senility) Feb. 27 1908 86y Ford Ks. Ford Ks.
Banta Mrs. J. T.   Mar. 13   Ford co. Ks.  
Barker Susanna (paralysis) Jun. 13 79y Ft. Dodge  
Barr R. W. (heart failure) Dec. 14 1907 67y DC Ellinwood, Ks.
Bartholomew Ed   Feb. 4 1906 60y Larned, Ks.  
Bates Infant of A. J.   Mar. 6 1904 10d   DC (E Gar)
Baumgarten Jno. (accidental) Aug. 28 1905 79y DC DC (Section 1)
Blink Ada (whooping cough) Jul. 29 1908   Temple Tx. Temple Tx.
Block Elma   Dec.27 1905 31y Huntsvill, Mo.  
Bohnstengle Mrs. (cancer) Aug. 14 1906 60y DC  
Bonner Robert C.   Dec. 5 1906 30 y (abt) Kansas City  
Bowers Mrs.Nelse   May. 16 1905 27y DC DC (E Gar)
Boyd Nester A   May. 4 1907 74y    
Boyer William   May. 12 1905 73y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge
Broadley Infant of Art. (stillborn) Aug. 4 1908   Ford Co. Ks E. Gar.D. C.
Bridgewater Mr. (heart) Apr. 26 1904 65y    
Bright Isaac   Aug.19 1907   Ford Co. Spearville, Ks.
Brown Emmie (burned) Feb.21 1904 76y   Sec 2
Brown I. N. (Y B) Nov. 25 1905 64y DC  
Brown James [?] (shot) (John T) Nov.27 1904 84y Ft Dodge Ft. Dodge
Brown Nellie E.   Sep. 14 1907 6mo   Concord Cemetery
Brown Mrs.R.   Nov. 14 1906 67y Wichita  
Brownsworth Georgie   Sep. 27 1906 6 mo Ford Co. CDC ( E Gar)
Bryant Infantof J D[?] (ordered burial)   Mar. 1 1905 4 mo Minneola, Ks.  
Burns C. B. (shot) Nov. 24, 1904   Ft. Dodge, Ks.  
Burgess Earnest (accidental) Jul. 7 1906 23y Sidney, Ohio  
Cain J. H.   Mar. 9 1904   Ford Co.  
Camp G. F. (Gladys)   Jan. 12 1908 5 mo Ford Co.  
Caszeusky A. F. (heart disease) Jul. 7 1907 73y Ft. Dodge  
Chambliss (Louisa Calvina, dau of H. D. & C. A. b. Oct. 21 1892 d. Apr.11 1904, Cem Rec)H-S, d. Apr. 1[?].          
Churchill J. H.   Jan. 4 1905   D C  
Clark Hattie   Sep.19 1905 28y D C D C (Sec 3)
Clark M. P. (inf)   Sep.18 1905 3 mo D C D C (E. Gar)
Clark Mrs.   Feb. 18 1905   Ft. Dodge  
Cleveland G. W. (TB) Oct. [?] 1905 39y Logan, Ohio Logan, Ohio
Coffee child (pneumonia) Mar [?] 1905 1y 17m 16d D C  
Coffee (child)Wm Carrald   Mar. [?] 1905 17m 26d D C  
Collins Mrs. L. M. (heart..) Nov. [?] 1904 65y Ft. Dodge  
Colley Howard (drowned) May. [?] 1905 18y D C  
Conkey Alis (cancer) Sep. 20 1905      
Cord Lillian K. (spinal) Dec. 9 1907 1y D C  
Cormana J. H. (Joseph H, b. Jan. 8 1862) d. Oct 16, 1907     45y Wilburn, Ks. Wilburn Cemetery
Courtney John W.   Jun.26 1905 66y Ft. Dodge  
Cox Mrytle (T B) Nov. 13 1908 20y D C D C (E Gar)
Crawford Clay H.   Feb. 27 1907 28 d D C D C
Crawford J. H.   Jul. 7 1909 74y D C D C (Sec 3)
Cronenburg August (diabetes) Jun. 16 1906 66y Fort Dodge  
Crutchley Roy   Jul. 29 1905 14y D C D C (Section 2)
Croft Charles   Jul. 10 1905 79y Ft. Dodge  
Davison Frank (shot) Nov. 30 1904 50y DC DC (E Gar)
Dean Martha M. (apoplexy) Mar. 10 1907 62y Ft Dodge Syracuse, Ks.
Dillon H. H. (RR Accident) Feb. 14 1907 22y Newton, Ks. Highland Statis
Ditch Susana (dropsy) Dec. 29 1907 84y (83y 8m 23d, cem rec) DC DC (E Gar)
Dunn Nora E. (sarcoma) Jan. 19 1906 50y DC DC (E Gar)
Durkee Amanda (old age) Nov. 9 1906 84y NY City, NY  
Early Ed (brights disease) Feb. 22 1905 47y Ford Co. Ks.  
Early Henry (T B) May. 13 1904 19 mos.    
Eastman Charles (T B) Mar. 3 1907 62y Ft Dodge  
Edwards Inf of W. B.   Jun. 1 1907 (d at birth)   Ford Co, Ks.  
Elm Gladys (poison) May. 5 1906 1yr 6 mo Topeka, Ks. DC (E Gar)
Evans Eva   Jun. 19 1908 2y DC DC (sec 3)
Earlocker (Ealroughter) infant   Sep. 12 1905   DC DC (E Gar)
Fanning Mary E. (hemmorage) Oct. 14 1906 55yr Ford Co  
Forbes Mrs. Lefa   Jul. 19 1906 78yr. Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge child (diptheria) Oct. 12 1904 12yr Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge girl   Apr.1 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge lady   Jan. 23 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge colored lady   Oct. 5 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Resident   May. 10 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Resident   May. 18 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Resident   Jun. 16 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Resident   Jun. 24 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Resident   Aug. 10 1904   Ft Dodge  
Ft Dodge Soldiers widow   Feb. 19 1904   Ft Dodge  
Fourt Buel E.   Jul. 10 1907 1 mo (1m, 8 d, Cem. Rec) of Ford Co. (E Gar.)   (E Gar)
Fergerson Ben Jr. (gunshot acc) Nov. 19 1908 13y (4m 28d, Cem rec)   DC (E Gar)
Galland Mrs.   Jan. 13 1907 85y DC DC (section3)
Gallatin J. H. ( T B) May. 2 1908 77y Ford Co Johnson cem. Gar.
Gibbs A. M. (RR Accident) Jun. 21 1907 29y 4d   Salina, Ks.
Gibson Frank (RR accident) Jan. 28 1906 (26y 2m 6d) DC DC (E Gar)
Gingrich child (scarlet fever) Jul. 22 1905 3yrs   DC (E Gar)
Glines Mrs. S.S. (liver cong.) Sep. 2 1906 abt 35yr Minneola, Ks.  
Gormaly John H. (liver cancer) May. 18 1908 63y Ft Dodge Ft. Dodge
Gontor Will (drowned) May. 29 1905 32y DC  
Gorings Mrs. S. (paralysis) Aug. 10 1904 76y   DC (E Gar)
Gray W. P.   Jul. 14 1906 65y DC  
Greer David P. (consumption) Aug. 16 1906 31y Salem, Neb.  
Greer W. P. (lightening) Jul. 14 1906 abt 45y Seymour. Ind.  
Guinn George W. (TB) Mar. 17 1907 39y Ft Dodge DC (E Gar)
Hall Jules A. (TB) Aug.14 1907 30y DC  
Hamilton Clebert (dropsy) Aug. 18 1904 26y Gray Co. Ks.  
Hamilton infant   Dec. 2 1904      
Hanlin L. A. (gastritis) May. 12 1907 85y Ft Dodge Wichita, Ks.
Hammond Agnes   Nov. 3 1908 10mo DC DC (W Gar)
Hammond Forrest (apoplexy) Oct. 28 1905 35y DC DC (W Gar)
Haskell Leoara (pnuemonia) Dec. 31. No year listed 10mo Brown Spur, Kingman Co. Ks.  

Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Haton George W. (heart fail) Mar. 11, 1907 84y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge, Ks Hawk Avinell Oct. 17, 1908 12y(1m 28d) DC DC (E GAR) Helpieu Emma Aug. 21, 1904 32y(stone: 1869-1902) Henderson Alexander Nov. 18, 1906 75 Cimarron Henry Joseph H. (pneumonia) Nov. 22, 1908 65y Ford, Ks Hethecker Carley (drowned) May. 29, 1905 24y DC Hill Jno (asthma) Dec. 1, 1906 22y Chester, Pa DC (E GAR) Hobble Mrs. Nov. 7, 1904 70yrs Holtfrey Sofia (?) Feb. 15, 1905 64y? DC Horibes Gabena (childbirth) Feb. 1, 1907 19y DC (Mexican) Howser J.W. (blood poison) Nov. 15, 1904 50 y resident of Ohio Hoyt Alford W. Apr. 2, 1904 Hubbard Jno (heart fail) Mar. 7, 1904 83 Hudson Ike (pneumonia) Mar. 3, 1904 70yrs Hurley George H. Oct. 11, 1907 62y Ft. Dodge DC (W. Gar) Hutchinson Julia A. Jun. 11, 1908 67y DC DC (E. Gar) Imel Infant of John Feb. 3, 1905 1 mo. Wright, Ks Imel Robert (lightning) Jul. 14, 1906 22y Wright, Ks DC (E Gar) Imel Vineta Nov. 22, 1908 Spearville Ks Jacobs Eliza A (anemia) Sep. 3, 1908 54y DC Ellenwood, Ks Jacoby D.W. (senility) Dec. 14, 1908 70yrs DC Abilene, Ks Johnson Julia W. (cancer) Mar. 23, 1908 69y DC (bur. Johnstown, Bulton co, NY) Johnson infant twins of W. S. May. 6, 1905 DC DC(old Calvary) Jones James L. Nov. 7, 1904 68y Ft. Dodge Junkins Lizzie (heart fail) Mar. 27, 1908 Ft. Dodge DC (Sec. 3) Junkins no name (David) Jan. 1, 1905 61y Ft. Dodge Kaufman T. H. (senility) Jan.7, 1907 76y DC Kelly James . (liver disease) Dec. 23, 1905 71y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge, Ks Kelly William (liver disease) Sep. 25, 1905 63y Ford, Co. KS Keller Lydia A (consumption) Oct. 24, 1906 31y Monticello, Ill Kilbourne infant May. 18, 1905 3days DC Kobus Freddie Jan. 4, 1908 6mo. Ford Co. E. GAR, DC. Kisl_ Julia (pneumonia) Jan 7?, 1907 75y Ft. Dodge DC (not found) Laws Lewis M. (paralysis) Dec. 4, 1905 82y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge, Ks Liddel Mrs.( Margery A, cem. Rec) (Harry Taylors grandma) May. 3, 1906 74y of DC (E. Gar) Lierle Mrs. (Cem Rec. list M. J.0 Nov. 30, 1905 72 Ford Co. (1904) DC (E. Gar.??) Liness Walter (Accident) May. 6, 1906 26y Spearville, KS Lloyd,… (gunshot) Nov. 6, 1906 35 y Colorado Low R Bragg (pneumonia) Nov. 10, 1908 11y Ford Co. DC Lubee Joseph. (cere, abscess) Aug. 4, 1905 19y Ft. Dodge Magar Dolly O (pneumonia) Feb. 17, 1906 14y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge Madden William Jan.. 26, 1907 DC DC ( not found) Manning Edward S. (RR accident) Dec. 11, 1906 48y Bucklin, KS Mark Daniel (old age) Mar. 2, 1907 76y Hodgeman Co, KS Marcus J M (senility) Mar. 26, 1908 82y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge Markley W H (pneumonia) Oct. 6, 1904 77y of Ohio Marrion HR (dropsy) Apr. 20, 1906 (62y 10d) Ford Co., Ks DC(E Gar) Martin Infant of Milo (stillborn) Sep. 1, 1908 Dodge City DC Martin Levi (pneumonia) Jan. 23 1904 Mason Jno. (heart failed) Feb. 6, 1904 84y McCullough Joseph (dropsy) Mar. 31, 1907 76y bur. Wichita, Ks of Fort Dodge McGar Clara A(ugusta (TB) Apr. 3, 1907 19y of Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge McEntire(Intire) Willie (son of JJ) Aug. 3, 1904 1y DC (Sec.1) McGill Mrs. SS Jan. 29, 1905 40 yrs. DC DC (East Gar) McKay Pecie? (RR accident) Sept. 22, 1906 28y Lawrence, KS Lawrence McNamara Miss (consumption) (Mrs. Scates Cousin) Nov. 1, 1905 52y McRoberts Elmer Apr. 15, 1905 19y Ford, Co Melville Frank Nov. 30, 1904 60y Ellsworth, KS Meyers Bessie (pneumonia) Nov.21, 1908 2yr DC DC (E Gar) Meyers, no name Aug.21, 1908 16y DC DC (not Found) Mexican Woman (no name) Feb 1, 1907-(Horibes DC (Sec "H" DC " " Miller Mrs. Jno (stomach) Feb. 19, 1904 24y Miller Kalabe (Caleb) (senility Mar. 8, 1908 85y Ford Co DC (E Gar) Miller William ( T.B.) Feb. 21, 1906 35y Minneola, KS Moler Sam Aug. 31, 1907 14y Spearville, KS Morgan Walter E Jan. 8. 1905 3 mo. Hodgeman, Co. KS Muller Wilhelmenia (old age) Jan. 17, 1906 83y DC Neal Mrs. P.L. (paralysis) July. 5, 1905 DC Nobel ? Ada Jan. 15,1906 79y DC DC (section 3) Noris Alfred (peritonitis) Jan. 26, 1905 77y Ft. Dodge Northrup Robert C. (harley Dec. 5, 1906 [43] 30y(about) DC DC(E Gar) Norton Ezra L. Oct. 26, 1907 74y Ford Co. DC (Sec 3) Old Soldier May, 6, 1905 Ft. Dodge Oliver William R. (heart..) Feb. 21, 1908 65y Ft. Dodge Cleburne, TX. O Neill Oscar E Sept. 15, `905 27y Ft. Dodge Orr Sarah M (acute indest.) Apr. 6, 1906 67y Ft. Dodge Ott George (frac. skull) Sept. 7, 1908 31y of Denver, CO. DC (W Gar) Parker (John R.) June. 27, 1907 9m. 21 d DC DC (E. Gar) Parsons Emma (drowned) May. 29, 1905 2y DC Patterson A. C. (apoplexy) May. 3, 1907 64y Ft Dodge Patterson no name (T. B,) July, 16, 1904 21y Ford Co. Peed Chas, Oliver Aug. 26, 1908 8 yr Flornence, CO DC (Sec. 3) Pegram Mrs. Jack T. (Benniel) (childbirth) Apr. 20, 1905 24y Ford, Co. Concordia Pitts Catherin (T.B.) Feb. 23, 1904 63y Plank George H. Jan. 4, 1906 80y Ft. Dodge Powell Thomas B. (liver trouble) June. 24, 1905 64y Ft. Dodge Prather Leroy Y. Feb. 19,1904 3 1/2 d DC. (Sec. 1) Prestage (Byron H.) Dec. 25, 1907 (58y 4m 16d) DC DC. (E. Gar) Price Geo. Robert (append.) Aug. 26, 1906 15y 7m 13 d Ford Co. DC. (E. Gar) Quillin Walter June. 29, 1904 8y DC DC. (E. Gar) Rabourn Willard July. 7, 1908 1y Ford Co. (Rickman/ Concord c Reed J.H. (T.B.) Dec. 12, 1904 73y Ford, Co. W Gar Reed Matilda (dropsy) Mar. 11, 1905 60y Ford, Co. W Gar Reese Amos (cere. apoplexy) Aug. 6, 1905 72y Ft. Dodge Richards I. T. (heart..) Jan. 6, 1906 52y DC E. Gar Richards Mary M. (T.B.) July. 17, 1907 61y Ft. Dodge Ft. Dodge Richardson..written underneath Wm McGan?) Mar. 28, 1904 Rickman Mrs. (Permelia) Apr. 16,1904 Concord twp Concord cem. Rickman William ("husb) June. 29, 1907 87 yrs. DC Concord cem. Ridenour Mrs. John (dropsy) Feb. 11, 1904 68 yrs Ridenour cem. Ridenour Robert (b. Mar. 25, 1865) Apr. 14, 1904 Ricenour cem. Riley Malvina (blood poison) Nov. 17, 1906 77yrs Ft. Dodge Rinehart Mrs. Aug.4, 1905 DC Riney Frank (skull fract.) Dec. 8, 1904 33 yrs. lived Bisbee, Ariz. ? Robinson Isabella Nov. 8, 1905 72 yrs DC E. Gar Robinson no name (accident) Feb. 18,1909 20 yrs Ford Co. Ft. Dodge Roby Bertha I May. 29, 1907 16yrs Ford Co. Roth Child Mar. 15, 1905 8days DC E. Gar #1 Roth Elva (pneumonia) Mar. 4, 1905 4yrs DC E. Gar #1 Russell Jean May. 29,1904 16yrs DC W. Gar Russell James (T. B.) Sep. 13, 1904 30yrs Mackinaw, Ill Ryen Bryon, Theodore Feb. 27, 1908 71yrs Ft Dodge Lyons, KS Safford Mahen Sep. 31, 1907 76yrs Ft. Dodge Sate P.H. Jan. 9,1905 61yrs Ft. Dodge Saunders Bessie (Typhoid) Oct. 21, 1906 13yrs DC Shaw Mrs. (Neomy) (Heart failure) May. 31, 1906 47yrs E. Gar Sheldon J. N. (RR accident) Jan. 29, 1906 22yrs Oklahoma City Shipman Francis M. (enteritis) July. 16, 1906 82yrs Ft. Dodge Sims child (inf of Ed Simms) May. 21, 1905 DC Sineimeh ?? Martha (old age) Feb. 7, 1907 73yrs Ft. Dodge Slavens Mary (old age) Mar. 2, 1905 90yrs 1 d DC Slatten Ida May (TB) Dec. 20,1907 35y DC Slagle Nannie A. (typhoid) Oct. 10, 1906 27y DC Smith WC (accident) Dec. 22, 1905 35y (abt) unknown Snodgrass Wm H (pneumonia) Feb. 22, 1908 65y DC no name (Sparrow, Lewis Feb. 2. 1905 Ft. Dodge Stafford Jones (paralysis) May, 12, 1906 84y (cem. rec. 80y) DC DC Stark Alfred Feb. 28, 1907 63y Ft. Dodge DC Stansbury Mrs. Mar. 19, 1908 32y DC DC (W Gar) Stephens inf. of FJ (stillborn) Apr. 13, 1908 DC DC (E Gar) Stineman Minnie Jul. 2, 1908 49y Ford Co. DC (W. Gar) Stoffer Mr/ Sep. 10, 1905 DC Stohr Mrs. Martin Feb. 11, 1904 Ford Co. (Concord cemetery) Stone CE (burned) Jul. 22, 1905 19y DC Straeter Mrs. Walter Jan. 27, 1907 DC DC Sturgeon FA Nov. 1, 1904 69y DC DC (E. Gar) Sughrue Pat (accident) May. 2, 1906 Ft. Dodge DC (Old Calvary) Tallon Evert O. (gunshot) Oct. 20, 1906 16y DC Taylor Jommie Jun. 28, 1904 1y 3m 3d DC Teresa Steffen (heart) Jun. 6, 1907 78y Ford Co. Thompson James (inflamed liver) Dec. 4, 1905 72y Ft. Dodge Thompson James F. (old age) Feb. 15, 1907 71y Ft. Dodge Thornton son of Or...? Feb. 11, 1906 1/2m Toles,... (pneumonia) Dec. 5, 1904 Ft. Dodge Trent infant of Cal Aug. 7, 1908 2 months (cem rec 3m 6d) DC (E. Gar) Truett Eva Lucitta (diphtheria) Sep. 9, 1908 8yrs DC DC Tulles Hosa Oct. 28, 1906 Ft. Dodge Utterbeck Willis (obstruction Jul.15,1905 75y Ft. Dodge Vandeventer George Sep. 2,? 1905 33y Ford Co Vaughn K.C. (paralysis) Feb. 24, 1905 82y DC (81y 10m 21d) Vaughn Rev. Wm R. (TB) Sep. 14, 1907 34y Fitchburg, Mass buried there Vernon inf of Robert Sep. 15, 1908 2m DC DC Vice William A Apr. 12, 1908 68y Ft. Dodge Topeka KS. Vincil E. T, (TB) July. 23, 1904 39y DC DC (E Gar) Voorhees Alonzo (gangrene) Aug. ! ?, 1905 63y Wakefield Ada Feb. 23, 1905 51y Ford Co Walker Bessie (chronic pneumonia) May. 2, 1906 23y DC Walker Mary E. (TB meningitis) May.10, 1908 14mo Ward Liveda (empyema) Jan. 2, 1906 40y Ft. Dodge Warring Grandma (heart) Feb. 8, 1904 76y DC (Sec #0 Way Aaron Oct. 15, 1907 75y Ft Dodge Kansas City Webb Jennette (paralysis) Oct. 26, 1905 81y Ft Dodge Weber Anna E. (cancer) Feb. 26, 1907 77y Ft. Dodge Wegora James (gangrene Feb. 22, 1906 73y Ft. Dodge Weingarth Walter (cancer) Aug. 30, 1906 10y DC Whaley Jim (Joseph ?) Jun. 3, 1904 65y DC Whelan or Whalen Mary S. (TB) Dec. 17, 1907 35y DC DC (E Gar) Whelerlr inf of L R Jan. 23, 1904 Whitworth Jennie (TB) Mar. 28, 1904 23y Ft Dodge Wilson Mrs Leah (typhoid) Oct. 18, 1904 60t Ft Dodge Wood Maggie (TB) July. 28, 1905 DC Wormeringer Vivian M. Sep. 6, 1908 6y Lucas, KS Lucas, KS Wousley Tabitha (pneumonia) Dec. 13, 1906 73y Ft. Dodge Wright Miss Mannie (heart failed) May. 29, 1906 69y DC Wrighten Fred (gunshot) Apr. 21, 1908 28y DC DC (Sec 2) Zumwalt Grace (consumption) Apr. 20, 1906 17y DC


Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Bergstrom, Twila E, died Apr 10, age 7 yrs. of Dodge City, bur. DC, Sec. 3
Berry Parthenia, d. Jan 29, age 7 mo. (pneumonia) of DC "Garden City
Bessie Miles, son of  J. A. Bessie, (stillborn) bur D C. Mar, 3 Sec.1
Bishop Charles S. d Aug. 29, age 44 of DC (blood poisoning) bur DC. Sec.  3
Bowden Don, d Nov. 5, age 2 days, of DC
Cedar Baby, stillborn July 17, of DC
Cord Grandma (Mary) d Dec, 31, age 77yr, of DC, bur DC Sec. 3
Cox Charles Elzie, 2 mo, d Jan. 24, bur. DC Sec 2 ?
Cox Rose, d Jan. 24, age 70, of DC, bur. DC Sec3
Crow Paul R. d Aug. 6, age 17 months, DC, bur. DC W. Gar
Deister Laurie, d May 8, age 24 years, of DC (blood poisoning) bur. Windhorst
Ditch Walter, d Aug. 3, age19 months, of DC (Cholera infantum, bur. DC, E. Gar
Duda F. (Fred), d July 26, age 79 yrs of DC (carriage trimmer) no record
Gallatin Inf of J.H, d Nov. 24, of Ford co, bur. Ford Co Concord Cem
Glasgo Mrs. W.A., died Nov. 24, age 35 yrs, of DC, bur. DC no record
Johnson ME, died June 9, age 7 months, of DC, bur. DC (Bessie??) see Sec 3 pg 5
Kellogg EF, died June 8, (age 68, banker) of DC, bur. DC Sec 3
Kidd KLRobert, died Feb. 10, age 26 yrs, of DC (TB), bur. DC no record
Klaassen Miss, died Feb 10, age 2 yrs, of Hillsboro, KS bur. Hillsboro, KS
Kreger Carl, died Nov. 29, age 84 yrs of DC, bur. DC Sec. 5
Leatherwood William, died July 28, age 32 yrs of DC (teacher), bur. DC Sec 3
Madden Jno (John), died May 22 of DC (age 70 yrs., Co rec) no record
McConnell Marvin, died Feb. 20, 18 months of Ford co ( pneumonia) bur. DC E Gar
McKean Grand Pa, died Apr. 4, age 85, of Ford co bur. Ford, KS
Nelson Ralph, died Oct 10, age 6 yrs, of Ford Co (diphtheria, (6y, 4 m) E. Gar
Neufeld Infant of Jacob, died Nov. 4, of Ford co (order phoned from Minneola)
Odam Johney, died Aug 4, age 8 months of DC no record
Pattent .......... died Apr. 16, of DC, bur. DC no record
Reynolds Edward, died Jyly 17, age 53 yrs. of Ford co. (heart ailment) Leavenworth, KS
Rippert George E, d Aug 16, 72 yrs of Valley Falls, KS, bur. there, (heart) d on #2 train)
Shoen Eleanora F. died Mar 7, age 4 days of Hodgeman Co, bur.  DC Sec 5
Shaffer Infant of George, d Aug 1, age 3 days of Ford Co, bur. DC (male inf) no rec.
Sisk Walter, died July 18 (died on #8 train) age 30 yrs. bur. DC no record
Sorey Sarah J. died June 16, age 67 yrs of DC bur. Ardansas City, KS
Stone IM, died Jan 21, age 55 yrs, of DC ( stomach trouble) bur. DC see E Gar
Thompson Infant of AF, died Oct. 9, age 5 mo. of Ford Co (female) of Ford, KS
Townsend Laurance M., died July 4, age 28 days of DC, bur DC E Gar
Vulgamore Female infant of GL, died Nov. 18 (stillborn), of DC, bur DC no record
Walters Pearl, died July 8, age 16 yrs of Buffalo, W. VA, bur there (TB)
Webb Herald, died July 24, age 10 months of DC, bur DC E. Gar
Whitlaw J.T. (James), died Feb. 10 age 61 yrs of DC (attorney, 64 y, co rec) E Gar
Williams Minnie, died Sept. 17, age 3 yrs of Ford co (pneumonia) Concord /Cem
Wakeman Elmer, died Dec. 9, age 3 months, of Ford co (ptomain poison) buried DC, no rec


Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Bartlett Mrs Ed, died Feb 5, of Wilburn (gunshot) Concord cem.
Beck William, of Spearville, died Dec 17 (age 79, d 18th, co rec) Spearville
Bowen Margaret, died Apr 10, of DC (age 13 yrs, peritonitis) bur DC W GAR
Bush Inf of Edna Bush, died July 18 (stillborn) of DC, bur DC no record
Chambliss Mrs, died Mar 28, (Calvina A, wf of H D, Jan 3, 1873-Mar 29, 1910) stone, Sec 1
Curry Grandma, died Oct 28, age 78, of Ford co, bur Ford co (Nagdalena ) Concord cem
Evans Lloyd, died July 18, of DC (age 34, salesman) fever) bur DC W GAR
Fasig A(Albert) died Jan 1-, of DC (pneumonia) bur DC (is an obit) W GAR
Faulkner Andrew, died June 11, of DC (age 66), bur DC W  GAR
Feltner Arlie, died Sept. 12, age 17 yrs of DC (typhoid fever) (or Artie) Osage, KS
Franks Inf of M/M Earl (stillborn) Oct 22  (Oct 21, co rec) of DC bur DC, Sec 4
Gilbert Leon, died Oct 25, of DC (T B) (age 36 accountant, see obit) Sec 5
Goodall Jack, died Feb 9, of DC (RR accid) (Hiram Jackson, obit) bur DC, Sec1
Goddard In of R J, ag 2 mo, July 11, of Ingalls, Ingalls, Ks
Grover J M, died Dec 17, age 68 of DC (burned to death) see obit E GAR
Groves Twins, infants of H L (stillborn, Mar 20 Spearville, Ks
Gutherie C A (Chas. Augustus) d Jan 15, of DC (age 69, see obit) bur DC D GAR
Hale Roy L, died July 16, age 35 yrs,of Westherby, Mo (T B) bur Weatherby, Mo
Hardesty Col. (Richard J) d Apr 29, of DC 9 age 75, stockman, see obit) E GAR
Harris Inf. of M/M EM (stillborn) July 18, bur DC (Co rec, b July 17, bur Ford, KS
Howard Mrs MH, (Mollie J), died Aug 10, age 71yr of DC bur Covington, Ky
Key Ruth, died Oct 18, age 9 months of DC, but DC Section4
King Mable, died Sept 12, age 26 yrs, of DC (typhoid fever) Mrs Ross, Peoria, Ill
Kolley AP (Anthony Paul) d Oct. 31, age 48yr of DC (TB) (barber) E GAR
Lantry Jesse J, died Mar 25, of Spearville bur Chatswother, Ill
Losey Inf of M/M M J E Losey of Ford co (stillbirth) bur DC no record
Martin CW, died Aug 19, age 73 yrs of DC (Silas W, obit) bur Ford, KS
Mason Leroy, died Aug 6, age 1 day, of DC, bur DC bur Ford KS
Masters Victora, died Aug 11, age 1 yr of DC St Joh, Ks
McCaslin CH (Charles), died Oct 24, age 33 yrs of DC (typoid fiver) obit, bur Moline?
McClelland, WH, died Mar 17, of Ford co (paralysis) bur DC Sec 5
McKimey? Smithy, died May 30, of DC, bur DC (colored) no record
McMurphy Clark L, died Sept 15, age 11 yrs, of Ford co (accident) no record
Moler Charles, died Sept 19, age 23 yrs of Ford co (typhoid) Spearville, KS
Pegram Infant of M/M J G, of Ford  co (stillborn) Dec 4, bur Ford co
Ragland D P, died Apr 14, of DC, bur DC (see obit) (Daniel Porter) Sec 1
Rebet Infant of M/M R E Rebet?, of DC Sept 11, bur DC
Redfield.........died Jyly 18, of Bucklin (apoplexy (Geo Z, 72, d July 26 co rec) Bucklin, Ks
Robertson Oscar, died July 17, age 15 months of DC, bur DC
Saunders Cecil, died Dec 22, age 5 months of DC, bur DC
Sims Mable, died Sept 6, age 17 yrs, (TB) of Paris, Ill  Paris Ill
Smith Mignon, died Oct. 5, age 15 yrs of DC (uremia) Danville, Ill
Tolley Roy, died Mar 10, of DC (RR accident) bur DC Sec 5
Trebilcock Jean Davis, died Aug 30, age 2 yrs, of Ford  Ford, Ks
Trent Infant of M/M Cal Trent, of DC (Vivian, July 31, co rec) see E GAR
Woodsworth Infant of M/M H Woodsworth, of DC (stillborn) Oct 22, bur DC no recoord
Wright O T, died Dec 21, of DC (age 68 yrs) bur DC no record


Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Allen female, age 1 yr 9mo, died June 19, of DC (june 18, Co red) bur Ford co
Anderson Infant, died Nove 29, (stillborn) of Council Bluffs, Ia. bur DC/ see Sec 2
Baumgardner Newton D, died Aug. 29, of Ford co (diabetes)(age 50) BOMGARDNER Sec 3
Bennet William, died Oct 11, age 45 yrs of DC, bur DC no record
Bessie Jennie, died Aug 9, of DC no record
Bohr John E, died Aug 31, age 73yrs of Royal Twp Ridenour Cem
Bright Rosa Mary, died Dec 26, age 10yrs of Colo Sps (pertonitis) bur DC
Burgess Cora, died Mar 21, age 27yrs of DC (bled to death) bur DC no record
Carpenter Mrs EM, died Aug 15, age 74 yrs of DC (Asneth Carpenter) Sec 3
Coffey Mrs William died Jan 8, of Ford co (Retta Coffey) no record
Davis Ralph, died  Oct 13, age 25 yrs of Gray co (liver disease) Cimarron, Ks
Dupree?.........died in Aug no record
Foley Marion, died Jan 14, age 3yrs, of Hodgeman co Denton, Ks
Gerdes Johanna, died June 7, age 17 yrs of Ford co (typhoid fever) Christ the King Luthern
Glendening, GK, died May 5, age 21 yrs (TB) of Huntington, W VA, bur there
Hawkins Mrs Joseph ( Amanda, age 60 yrs, co rec) of DC, Fev 15, bur DC W GAR
Holladay Liddia W, died Mar 8, age 82 yrs of Cord? co, bur Kingman, Ks
Jazo Infant of Elularis, died Feb 10, of DC (mexican) bur DC no record
Johnson Matilda, died June 23, of DC (age 56, d June 24, Co rec) bur DC E GAR
Kearns Elizabeth, died Feb 12, of DC (pneumonia) bur St John, Ks
Kimbrel male infant, of DC, (5 mo 13da) whooping cough bur Concord cem.
Kisner Harry, died July 15, 19 yrs of Garden City (accident) bur Garden City
Marine Grandpa (Jesse), died Dec 15 age 81 yrs (d Dec 14, 84 yrs, co rec) E GAR
McCarter John, died Nov 1, age 71y, 8m 19d, of DC (gastric ulcer) bur DC E GAR
McMullen May, died Oct 25, of DC bur DC
Melton Rebecca, died Feb 9, of DC (age 66y, co rec) bur Eureka Sps, Ark
Ott Samuel, died Oct 29, age 66y, 11m 29d, of DC, bur DC W GAR
Parris Dorotha E, died Sept 1, age 2y 6days of DC (whooping cough) W GAR
Parris Walter Howard, died Sept 20, age 1month, of DC (whooping cough) W GAR
Reynolds George, died May 2, of Spearville, bur DC Section 5
Rice Topsy, died Sept 29, age 27y 1m 2d (heart failed) of Trenton, Mo, bur there
Ritterhouse Minerva, died July 5, age 76 of DC (apoplexy) bur Gray co
Roesner Herman W, died Mar 2, age 7 days (son of Carl and Clara) bur Christ the King Luthern cem
Rogers W R, died Aug 12, age 69 years, of DC
Sanders Infant, died Dec 26, of DC (stillborn) bur DC see Sec 2, lot 7
Schmidt Adam, died May 1, age 71 yrs, of DC Section 3
Scott Ninna C (Nancy) died Oct 19, age 9y 11m 6d, of Ford co, bur DC Section 3
Slocum Elizabeth, died July 11, age 62yrs, of Ford co, bur DC W GAR
Smith Maude, died July 15, age 26, of Ford co Concord cem
Smith W Otis, age 6 months, died July 21, Ford co Concord cem
Stewart Mr & Mrs Ed, died in Aug, no other infor
Stotler Nellie, died July 27, age 1 yr (1m 12d, co rec, d July 25) bur Section 3
Strong Mary E, died Jan 27, age 32 yrs, of DC (TB) bur Albany, Mo
Sweeney ML, died Jan 29, of DC (apoplexy)  bur Washington, Ia
Thomas Inf  of B L & I H, died Feb 2, age 5 days, of DE W GAR
Van Voorhes, ... died June 25, age 19 yrs (typhoid) Mrs Leslie bur Pleasant Valley cemetery
Villunho Josef, died Sept 13, age 6 mo, of DC, bur DC
Wakeman Mrs Alonzo, died Jan 26, of DC (Mary Emma, 34y 2d, co rec) Section 3
Willett Anna, died Jan 18, age 28 yrs of DC, bur DC
Wipp Johnie, died Aug 7, age 7 months of Ford co
Zimmerman Inf (stillburn), Aug 14


Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Baker Ed A. (Alva), died Dec. 12, of DC, bur DC (age 52yrs.) Section 2
Barlow George W, died Mar. 25, of Ft. Dodge (82 yrs), bur DC W. Gar
Beattie Hiram J, died Mar. 13, age 25y 5m 10d, of Sweetwater TX.(spinal meningitis)
Beck Mary J, died Feb. 22, age 76yrs fo DC, bur DC Section2
Beeson Chalkly M. died Aug. 9, age 64 yrs 3m 16d fo DC (accident) bur DC Section 5
Bodkins Infant, died Early Jan. (stillborn) of DC Sec. 4
Breneman Chambers, died May 13, age 87y 4m 14d of DC (found dead in bed) E. Gar
Bruce Infant of M/M Walter, Han. 11 (stillborn) of DC bur. DC
Camp Infant of J M, died Sept 13 age 6 months (Hana Laura) W. Gar
Davis Anna, died Oct. 4, of Howard, KS bur. Howard, KS
Devoe, Infant of L W Devoe, did Dec 6 (stillborn) of Ford Co. see E. Gar
Etrick Freda R H, died July 14, age 74y 5m 24d, of DC Section 3
Evans R W, died May 25, age 75yrs of DC
Flesher Maggie, died Jan 29 or Feb, of Sweetwater, TX. Section 5
Garrison Baby, died May 25, age 1 month 20 days, of Ford Co. bur. Spearville, KS.
Gruno Rose, died Apr 2, age 22y 4?mo 22d, resident of "Harvey" House bur. Elgin, Ill
Hilton Wallace, died June 8, age 32 y 5m 16d of DC (colored) bur. Topeka, KS.
Hopper Mary Hellen, died July 13, age 8 yrs (accident) of Boulder, Colo. bur. there
Hough Margret J, died Aug. 16, age 83y 10d, of Dodge City bur. Compton, Ill
Kreger Clara C, died May 4, age 18y 4m 4d of Hodgeman co. (pneumonia) Section 5
Lawrence W H, died Feb. 19, age 53y 1m 17d fo DC (myocarditis) bur DC Section 5
Long Joseph Franklin, died Dec. 25, age 76y 1m 6d of DC (myocarditis) E. Gar
Lunsford Laura E. died Aug. 3, 37y  17d (indocarditis of Climas, KS, bur. there
Martin Aileen L, died May 16, age 1y 6m 13d of DC
McCarter Alfred, died May 20, age 9mo 3days of DC (pleurisy) bur DC E. Gar
McCloud Daisy, died Oct. 25, age 35y 4m 29d of Ford Co. bur. Bonner Springs, KS
McIntyre JJ (John James) died Feb. 16, of Pratt, bur. DC (1861-1912) RR wreck, Sec. 1
Rice Fannie E, died Feb. 21, age 76y of DC, bur DC no record
Reekie Ingant of J. Reekie, died Sept. 4, of Ford C., bur. DC
Ryder Infant of Eison, died Dec. 3, of Ford Co. (age 6 days) bur. Minneola, KS
Saunders Mrs. Jerry (Frances C) died Sept. 5, age 40yrs of DC, bur. DC ( no rec) Jerry, bur Sec . 4
Schultz LA, d. Aug 15, age 4mo, of DC, (Lina A, f) bur. DC Section 2
Simmons Walter, died July 8, age 24y 3m 12d of Ford Co (typhoid) Section 2
Smith Edward m, died Aug. 22, 70yrs of Bucklin (angina pectoris) Bucklin, KS.
Southards Bulah, died Feb. 10, age 16 days of DC bur. DC Section 5
Spaffer? Spafford: Vern Ruffis, d July 20 (colitis) age 7 months of Waynoka, OK, bur there
Strange Mrs. E J, died Jan 5, age 79yrs of DC bur. Walsenburg, CO
Tiedtke Fredrick W, died Dec 11, age 51y 2m 10d of DC, bur. DC Section3
Tracey Kathern, died July 6, age 47yrs (diabetes) of Dansas City, MO., bur. there
Turner Clark, died Aug. 13, about 72 yrs (endocarditis) of Whettick, DS, bur. Sec. 2
Warren  Sarah A, died May 20, age 72y 1m 20d of DC, bur. DC Section 3
Williamson, Samuel, died Apr. 16, of DC (70yrs), bur DC Section 4


Surname First Name  Comments    Date of Death   Age Where they died Where they're buried** dc= Dodge City

Adams Infant of John, died Jan 15, age 7 yrs of Wright ( preme) bur. Wright, KS
Baker Carson, died Mar. 29, age 48 yrs (no other info) see Sec. 3
Baker Samuel, bur probably Nov. 3, age 80 yrs, of Wichita bur. DC Section 3
Barnes Infant of Otis, d Apr. 6, age 3 hrs of DC (measles of mother)
Beals David, died June 3, age 44 yrs, of DC, bur DC Section 3
Burgess WW, died Feb. 6, age 61 yrs, of DC, bur DC Section 5
Burnett Ellizabeth, died Aug. 13, age 4 months of DC Section 3
Burnett Ross, died Sept. 30, age 21y 9m 13d (pulmonary T B) of Winfield, KS, bur. there
Chapman Mary C, died Jan. 23, age 56y 11m 1d, of DC bur. Kingman
Cox Clara, died May 9, age 71y 10m of DC (or d May 19?) bur. Chicago
Cox Cathern J, died Feb 19, age69y 5m 29d, of DC bur. DC Section 3
Crouch Rev. J W (John Walker) d. Sept. 22, 66yr of DC (bonchial asthma) bur. Meade, KS.
Dawson Florence, died ca  Aug 15, 37 yrs of LA Calif (cerebral tremor) W. Gar
Douds Ella, died Feb. 5, age 68y, of Hutchinson, bur DC
Easton Wm Shadford, d June 11, 64y 8m 19d of DC bur. Peebles, Ohio
Etrick Mary P, died Nov. 24, age 37y 6m 5d, of DC, bur DC Section3
Entz George O, died June 3, age 7 yrs of DC (erysipelas) bur. DC Section 3
French Thomas Edward, died Oct. 7, 53 yrs of La Grande, Ore, (diabetic coma) Sec 1
Grice Andrew J, died Jan. 31, of Ft. Dodge (cerebral hemorrhage)
Gonez Macelena, died June 2, age 3 hrs. bur. DC
Graves Marvin Henry, d Dec 16, age 4 mo 16 d of  DC (acute bronchitis) Spearville, KS
Hendrix Herbert, died Dec 15, age 4y 3m 15d, of Minneola (frac. skull) bur. DC
Hill Burnis, died Sept. 30, age 4yrs, 4m 5d of DC, bur DC
Hoffman May Florance, d Nov. 6, age 2mo 11d, of DC Section 3
HoldenRolla G, d Sept. 4, age 50 yrs of DC
Howard Ladeen?, died Aug. 28, age 2m 1d of DC, bur DC
Johnson Stella, died Apr 3, age 1y 5m 17d, of DC (measles ) Sadie? Sec. 3
Johnson L. H., died July 25, age 67y 3m14d of Finney Co. (angina pectoris)
Karney Thomas, died Mar. 14, age 70 yrs, of Gray Co, burDC Section 2
Kaufman William H, died Nov. 10, age 52y 11m 26d, of DC Garden City
Keen Nora, died Apr. 15, age 29y 10d, of DC Ash Grove, MO.
Kilbourne Helen P, died Nov. 6, of Amarillo, TX, bur. DC W GAR
Kinkead Samuel Jones, d Dec. 11, age 79y 5m 25 d of DC E GAR
Landes Eina B, died May 5, age 20y 5m 14d of DC (pneumonia), bur. E GAR
Lierle Anderson, died Feb 27, 83y 8m 26days, of DC E GAR
Manda Roger, died Oct. 11, age 3y 6m 14d of DC, bur. DC Section 3
McCoffery Sarah, died Jan. 4, of Ford, KS. bur. Ford KS.
McCullum Leo Everet, died Jan. 3, age 3 days of DC, bur. DC Section 4
McKinister Matilda A, died Jan. 3, age 31y, 9ia, of Meade Co. (confinement)
Miller E E, died Jan. 18, age 2m 8d, of DC (bronchitis) bur DC
Morrow Mary E, died May 20, age 62y 3m 16d of DC, bur. DC
Nieto Infant, som of M/M Jno. died Mar 21 age 2m 1d of DC (pneumonia)
Ogilvy Charles S, died Aug. 6, age 66h 4m of DC (paralysis) bur. DC Section 4
Parker (Grace Flora) died Feb. 15, age 2y 7m of DC (diphtheria) bur. DC. Section 3
Prather Frank R, died Mar 4, age 39y (epilepsy convulsion) bur. DC
Prough Sarah E, died Dec. 8, age 44y 2m 12d, of DC, bur. DC E GAR
Rice Lloyd M, died Apr. 20, age 6mo 20 da, of DC (pneumonia) bur. DC Sec. 3
Riddle Louis Keith, died Mar. 21, age 4 mo 20d, of DC bur. Rothville, MO
Robinson Robert, died Sept. 22, age 86yrs of DC, bur. DC E GAR
Rose James Madison, died Dec. 31, bur. Elmdale, KS 9 (age73) listed under 1914
Sanders William James, died Feb. 26, 26y 4m 4d of DC (surgical shock), bur. DC
Saylor Jaroam, died Feb. 8, 36y 12d, of DC(T B), bur. DC Section 2
Schoen Elmer Henry, died July 8, 2y 1m 3d, of DC, bur. DC Section 5
Smith Infant of E E, b & d Mar. 31, age 1hr, bur. DC
Snyder John McCoy, died Nov 4, 64y 8m 8d of DC bur. Ridenour cem.
Snyder S F, died July 31, age 52y 2m 16d of DC (cancer) bur. Ridenour cem.
Spohr Noble Mary, died Dec. 6, age 24y 2d (septicemia) of and bur. Wichita, KS
Staner Gilbert H, died Apr. 24, age 1mo 24d of & bur. Kingsdown, KS
Stofer Eliza J, died May 8, age 78y 6m13d, of DC, bur. DC
Stogsdill Ottis, died early Feb. age 1mo 15 da, of Ford Co
Stottler Freeman, died Aug. 10, age 1y rm 18d, of DC (pheumonia) bur DC Section #
Strasser? Jacob, died Aug. 12, age 48y 6m 21d of Richland twp, bur. DC
Strong C R, bur June 6 (Co rec, say CA, died June 3)bur. 31y of Wichita, Sec. 5
Trent Infant of M/M C(Cal) age 6 days, d May 30, bur. DC see E GAR
Vance Jacob R, died Mar. 17, age 51y of Ford (stomach cancer) bur. Ridenour cemetery
Wanke Laura L, died July 20, age 58y 4m 7d of Ashton, Ida (surgical shock) Pierce, Nebr
Watkins Homer, died May 14, age 8y 5m 14d of Bloom, KS. (meningitis) bur. DC Sec 5
West Donald W, died Apr. 14, age 2y 6m 14d, of DC, bur. DC
Wrighten Emma Adell, died July 27, age 51y 11m 8d of DC, bur. DC Sec 2
Young Florence M, died June 25, age 26y 8m 3d of DC (carcinoma) bur. DC

Thanks to Diana for this data base.

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